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EZ Adjust Bed Rail


Bed rails are a very important part of bedroom safety, whether for mature adults, young children and physically or mentally disabled individuals of any age.

There are many reasons why you might want to consider getting bed rails today, including the following top 5 benefits provided by child and adult bed rails:

1. Fall Prevention

For individuals who are at risk of falling out of bed – whether they are children, disabled individuals or seniors – full- or half-length bed rails can provide a safety barrier to prevent dangerous falls during the night.

2. Getting in and Out of Bed

Individuals with physical disabilities or limited strength may often require assistance getting in and out of bed. For such people, a bed rail or bed cane allows them to keep their independence and get into and out of bed without relying on others for help.

3. Positioning in Bed

A bed rail is also useful for those with limited mobility who need something to hold onto while re-positioning in bed. Whether the user finds it difficult to lie down, sit up or turn over, bed rails are a safe and secure way to make it easier to do so without help.

4. Security and Comfort

Another benefit provided by bed rails is the feeling of security and comfort it offers by acting as a “wall” of sorts. This can be very important for seniors, disabled individuals and children – as well as their families, who can sleep better at night knowing that their loved ones are safe and secure.

5. Provides Easy Access

Another side benefit of bed rails is that it provides users with easy access to controls as well as personal items. This is especially true when the bed rail is equipped with an organizing pouch, which many of them do.

Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs * Bed Rail/Hand Rail - adjustable length allows for use as a bed rail to prevent falling out of bed or as a hand rail to assist in getting out of bed * Adjustable - bed rail easily adjusts from 25 -40 after it has been placed on the bed * Collapsible - rail folds down to side of bed to allow user to get out of bed or provide space for making of bed *

Compatible - fits any home or hospital bed *

Adjustable Height - adapts to appropriate height for varying mattress thickness * Reversible - Can be placed on either side of the bed *

Dual Safety Strap-secures bed rail to bed frame *

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